The Credit People


“Fixing your credit can be tedious and time consuming. Let The Credit People handle all the details and raise your credit score – guaranteed!”

The Credit People Intro

Do you have errors on your credit reports?

Do you have negative accounts listed on your credit reports?

Do you need to improve your credit score, but don’t know how to fix your credit?

Most people don’t and that’s why most people use a credit repair company to help them.

The Credit People are one of the best credit repair companies available today. Why?

Because they are a well established company (They started as DSI Solutions back in 1998), they offer one complete credit repair service plan, two different payment plans that are very inexpensive, and they have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Easy to Order

The Credit People make it very easy to get started with their services by providing you with 4 different options:

  • Credit card, through The Credit People’s secure website.
  • Check service, also through their secure website.
  • Call toll-free, if you prefer to talk with a real person.
  • Fax or even mail in your order.

Great Customer & Tech Support
The Credit People offer you email and phone support, so that you can get the help you need when you need it. Its available 24 hours/7 days a week. They even offer updates via email every other week on their progress with your credit repair.

Simple Selection

The Credit People only offer one service plan. This is actually a positive aspect of the company. Most credit repair companies offer multiple plans, but only one of which is in your best interest.

Usually when a credit repair company is offering multiple plans, you’re getting offered one plan that doesn’t do enough, one that does too much and one that’s just right.

The first plan will be cheaper, at least initially, but it won’t offer all the services needed to get your credit fixed efficiently and effectively. As a result, it’ll take longer to fix your credit. And since most companies are charging you month-to-month for their services, you could end up paying more in the long run.

The second plan will be the most expensive and offer you a few extra services that you either don’t need or can get at a better price elsewhere by a company that does it better. With this type of plan you’ll pay more, but you won’t get your credit fixed any faster and you probably won’t get any use out of the extra features you’re supposedly getting for the extra price.

Finally, the third service plan is the one that offers all the services you really need to fix your credit as fast as possible without wasting your money with extra junk that you don’t need.

For The Credit People, they don’t waste your time or your money by distracting you with these extra service plans. Instead, their one plan is this third service plan that does what it takes to get your credit restored a.s.a.p. They simply aren’t playing games with you or trying to pad their own pockets.

The Credit People Pros

  • They have been in the business of credit repair since 1998
  • They have a great satisfaction guarantee and refund policy
  • One simple service plan which includes everything needed to fix your credit
  • Multiple bonuses at no extra charge
  • They order your credit reports for you, even if they have to pay for them

The Credit People Cons

  • The company went through a name and branding change recently, so it’ll take some time to acquire enough history to see if the changes are for the better.

The Credit People Pricing

The Credit People make it very easy for you by offering one credit repair service plan and two different payment plans depending on how much work your credit needs.

The monthly membership allows you to try out the service for the first 7 days for just $19. If you like the service, continue for just $59 a month.  Pay as you go, cancel anytime.

Their flat rate membership allows you to sign up for a complete six-month credit repair program for just $299.  Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. No hidden fees or extra costs, they take care of everything.

Great Reputation–The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
BBB Complaints                      #
Complaints in last year          2
Complaints in last 3 years     7

With only 7 complaints registered with the BBB in the last three years, The Credit People are one of the top ranked credit repair companies on the market.  Check out their BBB report here.

Money Back Guarantee

“We stand behind our work, and that’s why over 100,000 people have trusted us to repair their credit in the first place. We’ve made our service risk-free. We completely guarantee your satisfaction.  When you’re paying month by month as you go, you’re assured that you’ll never pay for anything that you aren’t happy with. You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged for that month of service.  If you chose our flat-fee pricing, you have a full six-month satisfaction guarantee.  Our goal is to make you one of our thousands of satisfied customers and we’re willing to go the extra mile for it. That’s our promise to you.”


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