“Need Help Finding The Meaning Of A Word Or Which Law Is Allowing You To Fix Your Credit? We Can Help.


Credit Dictionary

If you’re new to credit repair, a lot of the terminology can be make about as much sense as a foreign language. If you need help with what something means, then there’s a good chance you’ll find it here.


Credit Acts And Laws

The Federal and state governments have put several laws and acts into place in order to protect the individual American from being taken advantage of by creditors, collectors, etc. Although its not exciting reading, the Acts and Laws listed in this section are what make it possible for you to fix your credit legally.


How To Read Credit Report

Whether you’ve looked at your credit report every year for the last decade or you’ve never even peeked at it before, its not that hard to read and understand your credit report. Even so, this section will give you a couple of extra details to make understanding your report that much easier, as well as give you a couple of helpful tips.


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